Vent Your Anger The Old Fashioned Way at Smash Brothers

In what might be one of the greatest business ideas we’ve heard since delivery pizza, two young entrepreneurs have turned their favourite form of therapy into a profession, and in doing so, shared with the general public a form of anger-management that’s so simple we’re surprised it hasn’t been done before (well, at least not in Australia).

Anger is a destructive force, and one which manifests in even the mildest of folks from time to time. To relieve it, people find various ways and means to stymie the struggle within, often searching for relief to no avail. Some people like yoga. Some paint pictures. Others like to hit the gym.

And some like to hit anything that gets in their goddamn warpath.


Located in Kogarah, Smash Brothers is a holy sanctuary of destruction where, for $40, you can be put in a room with a crate of very breakable items, as well as other static things that can take a beating (think TVs, refrigerators, etc), a weapon of choice (if not a baseball bat then something akin to it), and ten minutes to do your absolute worst.

There’s an old adage that some people just need a hi-5. In the face. With a chair. This is the solution for days when everybody you see is this type of person, and nothing but sating the primal urge to smash up some old crockery, bottles and garden pots will do. You can even scream at the top of your lungs while you do it.

Click the link below to make your booking–Smash Brothers will seek your inanimate victims for you, you just have to destroy.

Smash Brothers is Sydney’s first ever smash room. It opens officially on the 21st of April, but is taking bookings now.

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