Aerix Makes the Racer Drone Anyone Can Fly

AERIX Drones just recently launched a new drone, the Black Talon. The powerfully-named drone is a palm-sized FPV racer which is quick and fast, yet still designed to be used by entry-level flyers. As it is made to be easy to learn and fly, the Black Talon is equipped with built-in barometer and altitude hold, which eliminates the need for manually maintaining the altitude. That way you can focus more on actually flying the thing and making sure you don’t hit anyone. But if you do, there’s a 720 video feed to capture the hilarity.

aerix racer drone and controller

The Black Talon comes with interchangeable and rechargeable batteries so that even as you learn to manoeuvre the drone, you won’t have to worry about the battery dying. And if you want more leeway, with the optional Extended Flight package, four batteries allow for 25 minutes of flight time, while 40 replacement blades keep you ready to fly at all times.

Check it out

aerix racer drone top aerix racer drone side view