Take Control of Your Chords with the ‘Afternoons with Albert’ Cord Roll

New lifestyle-ware startup Afternoons with Albert launched the Kickstarter campaign for its much-anticipated functional, stylish product The Cord Roll in November. Following a highly successful beta test run, they decided to go full blast with it. The brand’s head designer is a ski and adventure enthusiast and consistently ran into the normal problem of headphone tangling. While there are wireless headphones, it can be quite expensive to upgrade, so he decided to come up with a new solution: the Cord Roll.

6. French Grey Cord Roll - Roll between Man's hands

The Cord Roll was created with a broad audience in mind, as the problem of cord tangling is not limited to one set of people. Whether you’re a musician, a frequent traveller, an urban hipster or a busy executive, its raw simplicity and three color options (jet black, tan and French grey) appeal to both the male and female user. At only about 5 inches long, The Cord Roll will fit in pretty much any pocket or handbag. Made out of quality vegetable-tanned leather and finished with upholstery-grade thread stitching, each Cord Roll is handmade, sturdy and supple, sure to last through any adventure.

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9. Tan Cord Roll - layout internal

8. Tan Cord Roll - in Man’s hands

7. French Grey Cord Roll - Close-up of man carrying roll

5. French Grey Cord Roll - Layout internal from above

4. French Grey Cord Roll – Man Carrying Roll

3. Black Cord Roll - in Man's hands

2. Black Cord Roll - Layout internal from above

1. Black Cord Roll - Man Carrying