Ahearne Stainless Steel Bicycle is a Wish Granted

Anybody who hasn’t rightfully lusted after a stainless steel bicycle has, very clearly, not heard that they are a reality (though really bloody rare). Ahearne Cycles, out of Portland, Oregon, just wrapped up his build of this stainless steel bicycle, and it is just as stunning as you would expect it to be.

ahearne stainless steel bicycle body

The eight or nine month build process started with some Reynolds 921 work hardened stainless steel tubing. Ahearne chose this particular stainless steel because the walls of the tube come slightly thicker than other tubes. The length of the project is attributable to the fact that no one really fabricates bike parts in stainless steel, so most of the bike had to be either commissioned or made. Paragon Machine Works, which usually works only in mild steel or titanium, came to the rescue, retooling all their equipment to be able to work in stainless steel. Once all the sub assemblies were put together, it was time to build the bike—almost. First, everything had to be pre-polished then re-polished. The bike’s mirror finish definitely stands out, even if the 27.5 inch tires don’t.

ahearne stainless steel bicycle logo

The bike was a commission by a gentleman moving to Colorado, and he wanted something that not only would garner attention, but would be able to wade through any extreme conditions they might run into, like roads, single track, snow and ice, dirt, and gravel. Ahearne definitely worked his own brand of magic, but in the end, he was able to grant that wish.

Check it out

ahearne stainless steel bicycle margad

ahearne stainless steel bicycle front seat

ahearne stainless steel bicycle chain

ahearne stainless steel bicycle tyre

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