The Airbus X Pagani Infinio Jet Cabin Takes Luxury Sky High

Italian manufacturer Pagani produces some of the most expensive supercars in the world. So, what does Pagani and aviation manufacturer Airbus have in common? Airbus announced at the recent European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition that they teamed up with Pagani to produce their newest jet cabin—the Airbus x Pagani Infinio. This lavish jet cabin gives new meaning to the word luxury.

airbus x pagani infinio jet cabin  luxury leather furniture

The cabin is perfect for the busy executive who happens to enjoy the finer things in life. If features all of the amenities that you could imagine on an aircraft, including sleek carbon fibre leather furniture, a large flat dining area separated by a glass wall, and state-of-the-art flat screen televisions. Much of the interior design of the cabin was shaped by Pagani, and it has the feel of a multi-million dollar supercar.

Since this jet cabin was designed with corporate jetliners in mind, its features make it easy to conduct business in the sky. Glass walls separate different areas of the cabin and can switch from transparent to opaque with just the press of a button, transforming the space into a lounge or a conference room.

airbus x pagani infinio jet cabin luxury room

One of the unique features of this jet cabin is the sky ceiling. This feature consists of a series of roof-mounted screens that bring in a real live view of the sky above the plane. This provides an incredible unobstructed sky view for those on board.

The Airbus x Pagani Infinio Jet Cabin will serve as the interior for Airbus’ ACJ319neo private corporate jets, which will be introduced in 2019.

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airbus x pagani infinio jet cabin business class

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