Alacran XA Tequila Es Muy Delicioso!

Sure, most of us think of tequila as the cheap alcohol we drank way too much of that one night in college, but dig a little deeper and you’ll find a healthy spectrum of quality, colour, and flavour from this agave-based liquor hailing from Mexico. If you’re getting bored with the whisky craze or that bottle of Cuervo brings up too many bad memories, check out Alacran XA Tequila for a nice change of pace and plenty of flavour to savour.

The XA stands for “”Extra Anejo””, which literally translates to “”Extra Extra Aged””. Anejo already represents a tier that can only be reached when tequila’s been aged for at least a year, and the Alacran XA earns the extra “”extra”” by aging its tequila for 40 months in American Oak Barrels.

The Alacran XA bottle is hand-labeled and simply begging to take its place on your shelf next to those bottles of Lagavulin and Eagle Rare. Inside the bottle sits rich amber tequila that’s sweet, smooth and dry with notes of fruit and bourbon and a cognac finish. Pour some XA, sip slowly, and help get tequila back to onto its mantle as a liquor worthy of our attention.

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