Amazon Finds December 2016 – Cool Stuff for Pets

Take a close friend, family member or significant other and strip away the potential for drama and deceit and you got yourself a pet. Pets are loyal, cute, and relatively low maintenance when it comes to earning their trust and love. Feed them, walk them (or empty their litter box), scratch them when they itch and buy them the occasional toy and you’ve pretty much got a devoted companion for life.

We won’t presuppose that pets have “standards” when it comes to their toys and products, but on the other hand your dog or cat assuredly has a favourite personal belonging. Furthermore, some pet products are made and marketed with the owner in mind–for instance we don’t exactly see Rover giving a crap about watching video footage from the GoPro camera attached to his back.

It is therefore with both Rover and his owner in mind that we present our latest instalment of “Amazon Finds”. Read on a list of cool stuff for pets (and owners) that range from simple to sophisticated and guarantee hours of pleasure for you and your furry best friend alike.


amazon finds december 2016 antler dog chew

Antler Dog Chew

Give your dog something Grade A to munch on with the custom cut Antler Dog Chew. Made from authentic wild deer antler with no added chemicals or preservatives, the Antler Dog Chew is a clean and healthy way to keep your pet occupied with relish. It won’t leave a mess behind or damage your pet’s teeth and it’s also a great source for nutrients like Calcium and Zinc.

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amazon finds grrrona mexican beer plush squeaker

Grrrona Mexican Beer Plush Squeaker

In an ideal world we’d be able to share a cold beer with our dog every once in a while, but in the real world that usually leads to a night of cleaning vomit up off the carpet. Settle for the next best thing with the Grrrona Mexican Beer Plush Squeaker, a catchy toy that really goes the distance by including a (fake) lime at the top. Cheers!

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amazon finds suck uk cat playhouse series

SUCK UK Cat Playhouse Series

SUCK UK definitely knows how to capitalise on the latest trends. Their “cat turntable” is a treasure trove of pleasure for owner and pet alike and a total win/win product. The cat gets a surface to scratch and the owner gets an absolutely hilarious visual. We just hope the cat doesn’t go after the real turntable when the fake one isn’t around.

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amazon finds gopro fetch

GoPro Fetch

Think of GoPro and the first thing that comes to mind might be the wipe-out you caught on camera when you hit the slopes a month ago, but the second thing that comes to mind is that time you tried to manually attach the little camera to your dog’s collar for a shaky, short-lived POV glimpse into his world. Save yourself some trouble and buy GoPro Fetch, a padded, adjustable mounting unit that will actually deliver the POV you were hoping for.

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amazon finds frolicat bolt interactive laser pet toy

FroliCat BOLT Interactive Laser Pet Toy

Cats are peculiar animals that don’t always demonstrate the same undivided attention or love for their owners that dogs do. On the other hand it could have something to do with the fact that owners really enjoy messing with their cats using laser pointers. Here to perfect the art of driving one’s cat insane is the BOLT Interactive Laser Pet Toy from FroliCat, which expands upon the mere dot offered by traditional laser pointers to form actual patterns. Watching your cat lose his or her mind has never been so fun!

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amazon finds the sophia wall mounted cat tree

The Sophia Wall Mounted Cat Tree

The cat tree or tower is a great way to combine pet ownership with interior decoration. Add some functional Fung shui to your living space with the Sophia Wall Mounted Cat Tree. It’s a set of two carpeted shelves that you can mount onto the wall using brackets. Get them in black or white and let them blend with the chic vibe you already have going.

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amazon finds ifetch interactive ball thrower for dogs

iFetch Interactive Ball Thrower for Dogs

Simply playing catch is so last century. Bring your dog and your home into the future with iFetch, a brilliant ball throwing unit which functions like a tiny version of the automatic tennis ball machines you see on the courts. Teach your dog to drop the miniature ball in the open feeder and then marvel when the ball shoots out of the launcher all on its own. It’s the perfect device for teaching your pet a new skill, or keeping him or her occupied when you’re not around, or for those occasions when you’re just too damn lazy to throw a ball yourself.

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amazon oxgord bazook 9 tennis ball launcher gun

OxGord BazooK-9 Tennis Ball Launcher Gun

Sure, you could buy your dog the iFetch and let him or her have all the fun, or you can get in on the action and go full terminator with the OxGord Bazook-9 Tennis Ball Launcher. The lightweight tool is exactly what it sounds like–a bazooka that sends tennis balls soaring and guarantees a good time for all. Just don’t take this baby anywhere with cliffs or ledges because we have a feeling it can really pack some range.

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