Amazon’s Echo Spot is the Next Incredibly Useful Robot

Amazon’s Echo burst onto the scene a year or so ago as a game-changing robot helper that had voice recognition technology, making day-to-day life around the house instantly more convenient. Now the second generation of the Echo is out, along with a number of other upgraded models—namely the Echo Spot, which is due to be released just before Christmas of this year.

amazons echo spot front side view

The Echo Spot is smaller than it’s Echo parent and is about the size and shape of a softball with a few parts sawed off, to create a base and a touchscreen, allowing it to conveniently fit just about anywhere in your house. It’s second generation far-field voice technology also allows you to do a wide variety of things, from watching videos to placing Facetime calls to getting the weather or shopping lists called up on demand. All you have to do is ask.

Beyond all of that, the Echo Spot also has the ability to turn on lights, check baby monitors, control thermostats, garage doors and sprinklers. And best of all it’s a device you can take with you easily, allowing it to be a useful helper robot when you are out and about, as long as there is an internet connection available of course. And let’s be honest—when are you ever anywhere that doesn’t have one these days?

Check it out

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