Study Finds Men Don’t Want to Use Reusable Shopping Bags

Men: the more we find out about ourselves, the more it becomes apparent that we’re pretty stupid.

The latest condemnatory evidence regarding the male of the species’ mental faculties: a new study revealing that men are reluctant to use reuseable shopping bags in case it makes them look gay.

Yeah. Not a good look. The reluctance, we mean, not the shopping bags.

The research was carried out by Penn State University, and asked 960 people to rate various everyday activities according to whether they perceived them as “masculine” or “feminine”. While fixing a broken window or door was seen as very masculine, apparently using bringing your own bags to the supermarket is considered a bit girly.

Furthermore, the study found that men who participated in behaviours that didn’t align with their gender – like thoughtfully avoiding wasteful disposable plastic bags when doing the grocery shopping – were considered “less likely to be heterosexual”. Which is a bit…you know…dumb.

The study’s author, Professor Janet Swim, noted a serious purpose to the research, saying, ““Activists, policymakers, and practitioners working to engage in, and promote, pro-environmental behaviours may wish to take into account pressures to conform to gender roles.”

Which is all very well, but the main takeaway we’re getting is simply: guys, come on. Pull yourselves together.