Aqua Man – the Roka Maverick X Wetsuit

So you’re thinking about taking that swimming routine to the next level, are you? Maybe signing up for that triathlon you keep talking about during brunch with your friends? Well then by all means scope the Roka Maverick X Wetsuit. This highly acclaimed, state-of-the-art piece of body gear utilizes the best in material and design to provide exceptional buoyancy and premium comfort.

Just one look at the Roka Maverick pretty much says it all. There’s kind of a superhero quality to the sleek and durable black/red suit of Neoprene armour with patent-pending arms-up design. Don’t hold it against us but we’ll take that red and black profile over Aquaman’s green, orange and gold suit any day of the week (our sincerest apologies to you diehard Aquaman loyalists out there). Plus the name Maverick has its own superhero ring to it, doesn’t it? Anyone? Whatever.

the roka maverick x wetsuit product

One thing to note about Neoprene (the elastic material used to make wetsuits): it feels tight at first but generally loosens up and stretches in the water to the point where you’re better off sizing down if you fit more than one size. In other words expect an adjustment period if this is your first time shopping for a wetsuit, and have a friend or girlfriend on hand to help you zip up. Once you get used to the fit you’ll be ready to conquer those waves superhero style in no time.