Archie Rose Release Unique Virgin Cane Spirit

Archie Rose, Alexandria’s answer to Australia’s burgeoning spirit production market, have been known to dip their toes in the pond of the the strange and experimental before, and, not wanting to disappoint fans, have just released a Virgin Cane Spirit – a nod to the French agricoles of yesteryear.

Agricole, essentially a very crude form of rum, is made from the fresh, unprocessed juice of sugar cane, and exhibits a raw, earthy characteristic. While rum gets its smoother notes from the sweeter flavours of processed sugars and molasses, and generally some barrel ageing, agricole is a not-so-unpleasantly harsher, more rustic style of spirit; one that displays the ‘terroir’ of its origins far more comprehensively.

archie rose virgin cane glass in lemon

Archie Rose’s is an interesting take – most Antipodean sugar cane that gets distilled goes straight into Australia’s favourite tasty dram, Bundy, and doesn’t get the chance to make up something as different and flavoursome as Virgin Cane Spirit.

While you might be initially inclined to shake this up with lime and sugar for a Daiquiri with some serious legs, it also pairs well with savoury flavours and spice – give it a go in a Bloody Mary and enjoy the strong, organic flavours representative of a country famous for growing quality sugar cane, but perhaps not experienced quite like this before.

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