Are Nike Stash Slides Fanny or Footy Packs?

Nike Benassi Slides should be a staple in your footwear gear. The new Benassi JDI Stash Slides give you one more reason to add these comfortable sandals to your closet.

sole view nike stash

It’s not hard to envision why these Benassis are called “Stash Slides.” The wide band that goes over your foot includes a zippered pocket where you can stash your valuables and other items. With the Stash Slides, you won’t have to worry about pockets and you’ll be able to avoid the embarrassment of fanny packs. Just stow what you need in the strap and you’re good to go. Like other Beneassis, the Stash Slides have a comfortable foam sole with a dimpled texture. The bottoms provide good traction—no worries about “slide” being in the name. You may not be hiking mountain trails with this tread, but you won’t be losing traction either. The Stash Slides are available in gray/black, black/pink, and green/blue color combinations.

inner and upholstery view stash slides nike

Reception of the idea has been a mixed bag. Some are mocking the idea, dubbing it “ugly dad fashion” and worse. Granted, your first reaction is, “A fanny pack for my feet?” But once you get past that initial thought, you start to see the practicality of it. Go ahead, take a moment and ponder how you could use a fanny pack on your feet—or would it be a footy pack?

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