Plush Desk Arm Pillow

There’s nothing more important than rest and that’s why we’re in love with this awesome desk arm pillow. It goes by the name of Ostrich Pillow Mini and it first came to life by way of a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign. One look at the cosy and compact product and it’s not hard to understand the appeal.

Equipped with a slot for your arm, the pillow provides instant comfort and a veritable place to rest your head. Whether you’re flying overseas or taking a midday nap at your desk, this trusty arm pillow is definitely your friend.

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How to Use the Ostrich Mini Arm Pillow

Using the Ostrich Mini is as simple as it sounds. All you need to do is slip the desk pillow over your hand, forearm, or elbow. Voila! You’re in the midst of a daily power nap, which will boost productivity in the long run. The desk arm pillow is also supremely comfortable and effortlessly portable.

Thanks to a high-quality blend of viscose and elastomer and coated microbead filling, the arm pillow is brilliantly dynamic as well. To that end, you can try out a variety of postures before landing on the one that works for you.

Ostrich desk arm pillow

What Else You Should Know About the Ostrich Arm Pillow

Already a dream come true (literally), the Ostrich Pillow Mini is easy to clean and available in three different colourways. And should you feel that this compact nap accessory might be just a tad too small, fret not, as there are other sizes in the Ostrich family. That includes products like the Original Travel Pillow, Loop Travel Pillow, and Pillow Light. Predictably, each one delivers plush comfort and unfettered versatility.

Ostrich desk arm pillow

Odds are you’re already familiar with the benefits of a nap, but are you taking advantage of those benefits? Don’t rest on your rest and grab yourself an Ostrich Pillow Mini today. This clever desk arm pillow could change up your entire game. Here’s hoping it does.

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Ostrich desk arm pillow