Artfully Done – the Karl Largerfeld x Faber-Castell KARLBOX

As far as unlikely partnerships go, our favourite has always been when Michael Jordan teamed up with the Looney Tunes in the seminal 1996 film ‘Space Jam’. Looking to give Michael, Bugs and co. a run for their money is the recent collaboration between Faber-Castell, the best in the pencil business since 1761, and Karl Lagerfeld, the iconic designer and creative director of Chanel. The peculiar lovechild of this unusual union is the KARLBOX: Colours in Black, a special edition pencil and pen set that bears the visual trademarks of Lagerfeld’s inimitable style.

 karlbox book rack design art

It’s certainly a unique expression of Lagerfeld’s design sensibilities and aims to bring together his innovative approach with Faber-Castell’s traditional quality. It’s a bumper-pack of artistic instruments and is sure to be the envy of every fashionista art student the world over. Each of the six drawers unfold to reveal a range of Faber-Castell products featuring, but not limited to, 120 watercolour pencils, 60 colour pencils, 60 pastels, 60 brush pens and various tools all packed into a folding black cabinet.

The KARLBOX comes as a limited edition run of 2,500, each with its own certificate of authenticity and serial number, but as a collaboration it’s truly one of a kind.

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