Leica Releases Limited “Nikki Sixx Edition” Camera

Celebrity endorsements can be a funny thing. While some make total sense, others are off-kilter and draw attention for their lack of obviousness, making them all the more effective. Motley Crue co-founder (and lead songwriter) Nikki Sixx may be best known for his hard-partying and high-energy stage antics, but since the band retired two years ago, he’s developed a passion for photography. And apparently he’s pretty handy with the camera. His photography efforts are so good, in fact, that German camera behemoth Leica wants to put their name behind it, by releasing a limited edition “Nikki Sixx Edition” camera alongside his first-ever photo exhibition at the Leica Gallery in Los Angeles called Conversations with Angels.

leica q camera rear camera side

This special edition Leica Q camera makes itself stand out from all the other Leica Q’s out there by featuring black snakeskin finish on leatherette—which should be a given at this point—and a laser engraved signature from Nikki Sixx himself. There’s also a black leather wristband, a 10th anniversary autographed copy of Sixx’s bestselling memoir “Heroin Diaries” and the number of camera editions made capped at 28 because—and this is true—that was the age Sixx was when he first overdosed on heroin.

leica q camera lens

These Leica Q’s will only be available in 8 different Leica stores in cities around the United States, from Los Angeles, to Miami, to Washington, D.C. to Bellevue, Washington.

Check it out

leica q camera lens and side view

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