Atari Unveils (Photos Of) the Ataribox Console

What was once a thriving pioneer in home gaming is now apparently 10 folks holding onto some intellectual property, but that doesn’t mean there’s no public demand for a full blown Atari revival. Heck, if Nintendo can do it, surely Atari can. On the other hand, that sentiment didn’t hold up so well when Nintendo debuted back in the 80s. Nevertheless, by all indications the Ataribox is happening so get ready for some classic Frogger and tons of retro action.

ataribox console side

In spite of palpable interest, so far the details on the Ataribox are pretty slim. Atari offered a 20 second teaser at this year’s E3 and now they’ve unveiled some enticing pictures. Based on the pictures, the new Ataribox takes a few visual cues from the slotted line wood design of the original 2600 while adding plenty of modern flourishes. The console is awash with cool indicator lights and includes SD card support, four USB ports and an HDMI port.

ataribox console usb port

Atari plans to release two versions of the new console. One will be sleek black and red while the other will ride those wooden vintage vibes. And that’s more or less everything that’s known up to this point. Things like retail price, release date and video games are all still shrouded in mystery. That’s at least in part because Atari wants to get this completely right, as indicated by a handful of press statements. We’ll surely be keeping our eyes peeled for more news from the brand that started it all.

Check it out

atari 2600 video computer system console

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