Australian Brewery Craft Beers

australian brewery craft beers quality

Australian Brewery, is the first craft brewery in Australia to can their beer. And as you might not know, beer in cans is actually a lot better for the taste and the environment, protecting against three elements that can kill a beer’s quality: light, oxygen and heat. We were lucky enough to try a case ourselves and the taste did not disappoint! They have delicious aromas with a real hops flavour.

The Steam Ale

By far our favourite out of the four. Take time to savour the delicious aromas generated from cool fermentation and Hersbruker & Amarillo hops. Light and engaging but with hidden depths.

The Pilsner

Spicy NZ hops and citrus American hops generate an enticing aroma and a crisp, peppery bitterness that balances the rounded malt profile.

The Pale Ale

Admire this pale cloudy ale before immersing yourself in the rich aromas of citrus & passionfruit that only Galaxy hops can give.

The Fresh Press Cider

With ciders only growing in popularity over the hot summer months, this brings a true balance between sweet apple and refreshing acidity. Our Australian apples are fermented just hours after pressing, and you can taste that freshness.

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