The Away Travel Carry-On Puts the Power Back in Your Hands

We have a suspicion that someone at Away Travel was getting fed up with the airlines and you most likely feel their pain. After all, between the excessive fees, the long lines and the mishandling of personal belongings, you know all too well how rapidly a dream can turn into a nightmare. When equipped with the wrong piece of luggage that nightmare becomes a full-blown disaster. Is it too much to ask for an affordable carry-on that provides ample room for your belongings, keeps those belongings secure and fits properly in the overhead compartment? Not at all, says Away, in fact they have just what you need.

away travel power back inside

We were able to get our hands on the Away Carry-On and it’s literally everything one could ask for in a piece of luggage. Measured to meet all carry-on requirements, this masterpiece of economy features a durable outer shell and wonderfully roomy interior. The smooth wheels simply coast along with none of the typical friction or stickiness. Each carry-on is also equipped with a coded lock to ensure optimal security for your personal belongings. Seriously, this luggage is like a one-stop checklist aimed to grant you the most seamless experience possible between leaving your home and arriving at your destination.

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The Away Travel carry-on exudes the kind of dependability you would expect to pay thousands for–instead it costs $225. That’s because the company uses every method at their disposal to reduce manufacturing and distribution costs and pass those savings onto the consumer, all while maintaining the topmost standards of materials and craftsmanship. These are people that want you to go out and see the world with as little getting in the way as is humanly possible. And we love them for it.

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