The Barney Cools Animal Capsule Just Landed

Legends of the surf, laidback masters of laying back and general top blokes Barney Cools have decided it’s time to give a little nod to their favourite part of the world, the sea, specifically those who inhabit its deepest, bluest depths. Like many Aussie guys, these dudes love to go for a wave and bask in the blue water surrounding our legendary continent and all its spoils. They also love animals, so it makes perfect sense that they would give back to Mother Nature by sticking her critters on the front of their hugely successful clothing label – for a limited run.

barney cools men on the roof

This small offering of tees and snapbacks features some of the Cools gents’ favourite sea life and, like everything they do, is somehow as understated as it is bold. This is honest clobber for people who love the ocean and care about stepping out in style just the right amount. If any of their other fresh threads that go up for sale are anything to go by, this stuff won’t be available for long, so I suggest you give the little button below a click before it’s too late and secure yourself and orca, crab or pelican-enriched garment before summer hits and you’ve missed the boat party.

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