Be the Baddie in The Timur Bozca Black Swan Super Yacht

Have a few billion dollars burning a hole in your pocket? Hate James Bond but love the sea? Have eleven friends / co-conspirators to share a cruise with? If this sounds like you then look no further, the Black Swan super yacht is every bond-villain’s boyhood dream they probably didn’t even know they had – answered. Timur Bozca, an ambitious ‘limitless vehicle designer’ who spends his time between Milan, London and Instanbul, has created this concept-vessel that is now just waiting for the right rich-guy to give it the green light.

And what a concept vessel it is. Featuring a pool that slopes down to the sea, a beach-deck, a master bedroom and six cabins, dining room, cinema, lounge areas, more balconies above the arrow-shaped hull with glass railings for uncompromised views and to top it all off (literally), a heli-pad with a concealed elevator, so you can get the micro-film and diamonds from the private airport in Cairo to the casino in Macau without any interruption from a pesky MI5 agent ever again. This has got to be the most decadent way to cruise around the world we’ve seen to date, and given the general all-around awesomeness of this project, we really hope that somebody forks out the dosh to make it a reality, even if it is Christoph Waltz in a blazer without lapels.

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