Become a Weeknight Warrior with Marie + Merrill’s Exceptional Cookware

Have you listened to the podcast My Dad Wrote a Porno? It’s hilarious erotic fiction set within the pots & pans industry. Let’s just say not much actual ‘work’ gets done there. I can safely say that’s not the case with Marie + Merrill, who have worked hard to improve the overall cooking experience by creating exceptional American-made cookware. Skillets, saucepans, stock pots and sauté pans of various sizes make up their range of wares, so expect to find what you need for wherever your cooking desires may take you. Plus, by focusing solely on the essentials Marie + Merrill are able to keep their prices down–that what we like to call win/win.

marie plus merrill's cookware stainless steel

Every piece of cookware is made with three metals layered all the way up the sides of each vessel. The outer layer is magnetic stainless steel, the middle is aluminium, and the cooking surface is exquisite stainless steel. All three layers are essential for industry-grade cookware. The magnetic layer ensures every piece is ready for induction heating, which anyone will tell you is a superior method of heating. The aluminium core provides excellent thermal properties and the non-stick stainless steel surface results in the most sanitary cooking experience. marie plus merrill's cookware side

The result is one continuous piece which heats evenly and looks beautiful. Designed with over a century of experience, this cookware offers limitless creativity and is perfect for impromptu gatherings or the grandest of dinner parties. Marie + Merrill’s Kickstarter campaign is wrapping up, but it’s safe to say their wares will be available from their official site at a later date.

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marie plus merrill's cookware with lid

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