Bellobox Solves Your Grooming Troubles

There are some things that we men love shopping for. Watches for instance. Cars. Gadgets. Toiletries? Not so much. That’s not to say there isn’t a particular thrill in finding the right aftershave or shower gel. It’s more like we just don’t prefer spending the bulk of our time in the “deodorant” aisle at the local pharmacy, or buying products online sight and scent unseen.

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Enter Bellabox, a subscription service that delivers samples of the best grooming products straight to your door. The process is so blissfully brainless that the only reason not to check them out is if you actually do prefer the trial and error ritual of hunting for that perfect toiletry.

Here’s how it works. You sign up and pay $30 AUD once every three months. Bellabox then sends you a box of 6-8 grooming samples (gels, lotions, toothpaste, etc) like it’s Christmas every quarter. You keep the samples, select the products you like most and order those products directly from Bellabox’s online store. With all your grooming needs out of the way, you can then go back to searching for the more important things in life like bikini models and sports cars.

To give you just a little more insight, allow us to share Bellabox’s sample products for the month of June:

lynx clean cut look definition wax

Lynx Clean Cut Look Definition Wax

Lynx Wax gives your hair a firm clean look and structured finish. Use it every day to keep those follicles sculptured and stylish.

thalgo aftershave balm

Thalgo Aftershave Balm

Thalgo is alcohol-free and instantly absorbing, using active ingredients to reduce redness and give your face a sensually satisfying glow. Your days of Home Alone style aftershave freak-outs might very well be over.

gilette fusion pro glide power razor

Gilette Fusion Proglide Power Razor

Gilette has dominated the razor industry for years and the Proglide is ample evidence of why. It utilizes FlexBall technology, an ergonomic grip and low-cutting blades to virtually guarantee a clean, smooth shave.

pearl drops flawless white toothpaste

Pearl Drops Flawless White Toothpaste

We’re fairly certain the only thing more annoying than brushing and flossing is actually visiting the dentist and we therefore consider toothpaste the lesser of two evils. Utilizing cutting-edge stain prevention technology, Pearl Drops Flawless White Toothpaste provides a burst of minty refreshment and a clean set of pearly whites.

duit tough hand

DU’IT Tough Hands

If you suffer from dry hands or just want an extra helping of creamy texture, DU-IT keeps the skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated. It’s an all-natural moisturiser that promises results in 5 days. But you know what? We’ve seen those crackly hands of yours so you better make it 6 days before throwing in the towel.

barber choice beard oil

Barber’s Choice Beard Oil

In case you haven’t noticed, beards are in. Get on the hipster train and keep that beard nice and conditioned with Barber’s Choice. Using 100% natural ingredients, this beard oil shapes and grooms your beard, doesn’t irritate the skin and smells great. After all, you might look like a lumberjack but you don’t have to smell like one.

physio gel daily moisture therapy body wash

Physiogel Daily Moisture Therapy Body Wash

Physiogel is all about natural replenishment. It’s an odourless, colourless, dermatological tested soap-free wash that’s free of preservatives. Think of it as the opposite of those chemically laden body sprays and gels that are so last decade.

sanctum face moisturizer for men

Sanctum Face Moisturiser for Men

Sanctum wants to keep your skin balanced and hassle-free. It will help maintain your natural PH and prevent the build up of oils and other irritants. Use it once in the morning and again at night and smile when your girlfriend can’t stop rubbing your face.

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We’ve arrange you guys a discount code so just use BELLO10 when at checkout to receive $10 off you first box!