Bell’s Futuristic FCX-001 Helicopter

Helicopters have come a long way in recent years. The helicopter, which began as a toy, has evolved into one of the most useful and versatile aircraft in the world. Now, Bell Helicopter is on a mission to change the helicopter once again. Back in September of 2016, the company set up a team of engineers, graphic designers and problem solvers to focus on emerging technologies that could help develop a smarter, more efficient and safer aircraft. The FCX-001 Helicopter concept is the result of the team’s work.

bell futuristic fcx 001 helicopter outlook

The FCX-001 offers a glimpse into the future of aircraft, according to the company. This marvel of a machine is the company’s very first concept aircraft. This concept revolutionises both safety and passenger experience. It features rotor blades that can change depending on flight conditions. This feature maximises both performance and efficiency. The airframe of the FCX-001 is crafted with all sustainable materials. These are designed to provide visibility, room and strength.

Augmented reality enhances both the passengers and pilot’s experience aboard this aircraft. This system does away with traditional mechanical controls. There will be no physical dashboard on the FCX-001. Artificial intelligence controls the helicopter. A robotic co-pilot allows the pilot to take a seat in the cabin. This is the first step towards an entirely autonomous aircraft.

bell futuristic fcx 001 helicopter luxury chair

Other features include a modular flooring system that allows the seats to be customised. Seats can be removed for cargo if needed. The overhead LED lighting can also customize. Passengers can make telephone calls, share documents and have video conferences thanks to augmented reality.

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