Beneath the Waves with Bvlgari’s New Atlantiqve Fragrance

Formed during the Jurassic period, the Atlantic Ocean covers approximately 20 percent of the Earth’s surface, is home to the mysterious Bermuda Triangle and is the final resting place of the Titanic. Random pub trivia aside, the Atlantic Ocean is also the inspiration behind Bvlgari’s newest Aqva fragrance. Aqva Pour Homme Atlantiqve or Atlantiqve for short is an aromatic fragrance that’s designed to pack a “powerful wave of freshness.” From the seriousness of the product description, it’s unclear whether Bvlgari intended ‘wave’ as a play on words.

the deepest depths of the ocean pour atlantiqve

Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier designed the architecture of Atlantiqve as a dual fragrance made of two accords that oppose and magnify each other in the sense that opposites attract. Ocean Energy Accord accentuates the natural qualities of fruit with aquatic notes that inspire dynamic underwater energy. Sea Amber Accord harnesses the awesome power of Ambergris to give the fragrance its signature and character, while hints of wood anchor firm masculine dimensions.

The sculpted bottle resembles a stone in glass and metal evoking the seashore and the dark blue tones suggest the deepest depths of the ocean.

Check it out

aqva pour atlantiqve parfum

aqva pour atlantiqve parfum user

aqva pour atlantiqve parfum outlook

bvlgari aqva pour atlantiqve parfum

bvlgari aqva pour atlantiqve pack

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