Bernard Favre Introduces Planet Double-Axis Silver Watch Winder with Green Leather Base

For all the true timepiece enthusiasts out there, Bernard Favre makes exemplary watch winders just for you and your premium automatic. Representing the apex of both concept and craftsmanship, the Planet Double-Axis will turn your watch into a gyroscopic work of art. Indeed, when deftly moving in tandem with the winder’s polished chrome rings, your watch takes on the natural qualities of a planet rotating on its axis. Now, Bernard Favre’s luxury winder comes with an elegant base of quality green leather, and looks all the more stunning as a result.

With the Bernard Favre Planet double-axis at your disposal, you’re offered a direct window into the non-linear nature of space-time itself. Meanwhile, the product will wind your automatic watch, making it as useful as it is visually alluring. In addition to the green leather base, the winder comes with a USB charger, a glass bell, and a travel case.

Bernard Favre

If silver and green simply aren’t cutting it for you, Bernard Favre hosts a slew of alternatives. For instance, the brand’s leather bases also come in colours like tan, black, silver and orange. Along similar lines, the rings themselves are available in colours such as gold or black. Consistent throughout is the unique, planetary design, which takes watch winding to some truly impressive places.

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