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places to eat the best food in australia

100 Places to Eat The Best Food In Australia 2016

Pictured Top: Trunk, Melbourne, VIC

When Yelp launched in Australia five years ago it seemed redundant. For online reviews we already had UrbanSpoon and Foursquare. But Yelp does offer some things the competition doesn’t. While it doesn’t have the volume of reviews of UrbanSpoon or the brevity of Foursquare, due to their elite program for reviewers, reviews tend to be more in-depth and well written. This means that there’s less to wade through to get to what’s useful than UrbanSpoon and more detail than Foursquare. Yelp is still growing, and definitely has downsides, like not allowing online reviews, but it will be interesting to see how they fare here in the future. It’s nice to think that Yelp has learned from its American startup experience and brought us the good stuff.

One definitely good thing they bring is their brainy data scientists using maths and algorithms to analyze all sorts of factors like the number of reviews, their quality, popularity and even statistical fluctuation to simplify things for people who are just looking for good places to eat in Australia. Now they’ve simplified things further by using those algorithms to magically produce a list of the best food in Australia in the site’s “100 best places to eat in Australia 2016“. This year’s number one spot on the list was taken by trendy Chin Chin, while last year’s favorite, Mamak, remained in the top 10. Western Australia definitely dominated the list, but if you live in a different state, don’t worry, you’re sure to find plenty of great places to eat.

We’ve been using this to taste some of the best food in Australia ever since it was released in February, so we thought – why not share it with you guys? And it’s just what you’d expect from a best of the best of Yelp. It’s not all white tablecloths and French wine. There are plenty of places you’d actually want to eat with your mates. That means that whether your version of top places to eat in Australia are the type to serve tomato sauce, or one where you’d never dare ask it be brought to the table, you’re sure to find just the right place to leave you chockers.

chin chin melbourne

1. Chin Chin, Melbourne, VIC
2. Din Tai Fung, Sydney, NSW
3. Toastface Grillah, Perth, WA
4. Bourke Street Bakery, Surry Hills, NSW
5. Mamak, Haymarket, NSW*
6. Tuck Shop, Perth, WA
7. Little Creatures Brewery, Fremantle, WA
8. The Grounds of Alexandria, Alexandria, NSW
9. The Hardware Societe, Melbourne, VIC
10. The Old Crow, Perth, WA

mary street bakery highgate

11. Mary Street Bakery, Highgate, WA
12. E for Ethel, North Adelaide, SA
13. The Vegie Bar, Fitzroy, VIC
14. MoVida Bar de Tapas, Melbourne, VIC
15. Lot Twenty, Perth, WA
16. Circa Espresso, Parramatta, NSW
17. The Standard, Northbridge, WA
18. Mrs. S, Maylands, WA
19. Bivouac, Northbridge, WA
20. Bowery to Williamsburg, Melbourne, VIC

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st ali south melbourne

21. St Ali, South Melbourne, VIC
22. Cumulus, Melbourne, VIC
23. Proud Mary, Collingwood, VIC
24. Cantina 663, Mt Lawley, WA
25. Mr Wong, Sydney, NSW
26. Mary’s, Newtown, NSW
27. Manchester Press, Melbourne, VIC
28. Izakaya Den, Melbourne, VIC
29. Single Origin Roasters, Surry Hills, NSW
30. Seven Seeds, Carlton, VIC

seven seeds specialty coffee

31. Top Paddock, Richmond, VIC
32. Argo On The Parade, Norwood, SA
33. Home Thai Restaurant, Sydney, NSW
34. The Raw Kitchen, Fremantle, WA
35. Nobu, Burswood, WA
36. El Jannah, Granville, NSW
37. Mamasita, Melbourne, VIC
38. Etica Ethical Pizzeria & Mozzarella Bar, Adelaide, SA
39. Burger Project, Sydney, NSW
40. Harvest Espresso, Victoria Park, WA

harvest espresso

41. Le Bon Ton, Collingwood, VIC
42. Varsity Bar, Crawley, WA
43. Chez Dré, South Melbourne, VIC
44. Verve Restaurant & Cider House, Brisbane, QLD
45. Chat Thai, Sydney, NSW
46. Via Napoli, Lane Cove, NSW
47. Run Amuk Hotdogs Unleashed, South Fremantle, WA
48. Piccolo’s Corner, West Leederville, WA
49. Kitsch Bar, Leederville, WA
50. Aisuru Sushi, Perth, WA

aisuru sushi

51. Auction Rooms, North Melbourne, VIC
52. Three Bags Full, Abbotsford, VIC
53. Huxtaburger, Collingwood, VIC**
54. Five Bar, Mt Lawley, WA
55. Workshop Espresso, Sydney, NSW
56. Low Key Chow House, Leederville, WA
57. Bread In Common, Perth, WA
58. The Meatball & Wine Bar, Melbourne, VIC
59. Chinese Noodle Restaurant, Haymarket, NSW
60. La Cholita, Northbridge, WA

trunk melbourne

61. Chu Bakery, Highgate, WA
62. Trunk, Melbourne, VIC
63. Rockpool Bar And Grill, Burswood, WA
64. Chur Burger, Surry Hills, NSW
65. Chefs Gallery Townhall, Sydney, NSW
66. Two Birds One Stone, South Yarra, VIC
67. Saké, Brisbane, QLD
68. Clarences, Mt Lawley, WA
69. El Público, Highgate, WA
70. Enrique’s School For To Bullfighting, Perth, WA

enrique school for to bullfighting

71. Brewtown Newtown, Newtown, NSW
72. BREW, Brisbane, QLD
73. Captain Melville, Melbourne, VIC
74. Hutong Dumpling Bar, Melbourne, VIC
75. Chinta, Doubleview, WA
76. Frankie’s Pizza, Sydney, NSW
77. The Pantry on Egmont, Hawthorn, SA
78. West End Deli, West Perth, WA
79. Pleased to Meet You, Northbridge, WA
80. Dead Man Espresso, South Melbourne, VIC

deadman espresso

81. Nordburger, Norwood, SA
82. Tetsuya’s Restaurant, Sydney, NSW
83. Gordon St. Garage, West Perth, WA
84. Ribs and Burgers, Perth, WA
85. Sayers Sister, Northbridge, WA
86. The Moon, Northbridge, WA
87. Sherbet, Maylands, WA
88. Bodhi Bar, Sydney, NSW
89. Mr Crackles, Darlinghurst, NSW
90. Monk Bodhi Dharma, Balaclava, VIC

monk bodhi dharma

91. La Veen Coffee & Kitchen, Perth, WA
92. Sayers, Leederville, WA
93. 8bit, Footscray, VIC
94. The Coffee Barun, Sefton Park, SA
95. Gumshara Ramen, Sydney, NSW
96. 400 Gradi, Brunswick, VIC
97. Bread And Bone Wood Grill, Adelaide, SA
98. Typika Cafe, Claremont, WA
99. Borsch, Vodka & Tears, Windsor, VIC
100. Grind It, Glenelg, SA

*One other Mamak location ranked in the Top 100: Mamak, Melbourne VIC
**One other Huxtaburger location ranked in the Top 100: Huxtaburger II, Melbourne VIC

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