BET Vodka Captures the Heart of the Spirit

As any vodka drinker will tell you, you can make the stuff out of just about anything and they definitely do. And despite what most people say, all vodkas do NOT taste the same. Traditionally, the common goal of all vodka producers is to make the cleanest, purest form of the spirit displaying as little flavour or complexity as possible, which is in essence, the ‘heart’ of the distillation process (impurities known as the ‘heads and tails’ are the first and the last parts of a spirit run). With more and more niche vodkas popping up on the market, however, there is a more modern movement that suggests some of the characteristics of certain premium vodkas should be embraced as unique and celebrated as such. A new one to arrive on back bars and in bottle shops is BET vodka.

bet vodka spirit crops field

Made in New Richmond, a small town in Wisconsin, this spirit is made from the heart of the sugar beet, a high-sucrose root vegetable. By extracting the sugar from the plant and then dissolving it in water with nutrients for fermentation, before triple-filtering the final product, the creators (a small local co-operative) have proudly made a vodka that shows elegant spice and a hint of vanilla, and in their own words is ‘made for sharing’.

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