A Better Brew – Fizzics Waytap

Remember how you used to poke fun of “nerdy” science in high school? Well, thank your lucky stars science doesn’t hold a grudge because without it you wouldn’t have your awesome gadgets and you definitely wouldn’t have a brand like Fizzics. The company rose to prominence after being featured on Shark Tank and now they’re back with the Waytap, a Kickstarter product that absolutely trounced its initial funding goal and might even break a million by the end of its run.

waytap gadget fizzics full view

The Fizzics Waytap is a small keg-looking device that uses the science of sound waves to create a creamy, dense, uniform Micro-Foam, making traditional foam look downright inadequate by comparison. That luxurious foam not only provides better texture, but unlocks and retains the taste and flavour of the beer itself as well. Of course you don’t need to be a science major to make the magic happen–all you need to do is load a beer into the Waytap, pull down on the handle and enjoy a great brew made even better.

waytap gadget upper view

In essence, the Fizzics Waytap offers stunningly rich foam, exceptional aroma, improved carbonation and all around better taste. For comparison think of those creamy nitro beers but replace the nitrogen with sound waves. So the next time you hear someone talking science, don’t tune out because it could one day do wonders for your alcohol consumption.

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