Big Lights, Big Nights – Dom Perignon and Merivale Present Lumiere

Anyone with just the slightest inclination for the good life knows the name Dom Perignon. The seasoned brand is royalty among champagnes, as much status symbol as it is delicious intoxicant. Here to combine all that prestige and exceptional taste into one stellar package is Lumiere, a new dinner event Man of Many was lucky enough to attend last night hosted by none other than Richard Geoffroy (Dom Perignon Chef de Cave) himself in partnership with Australian hospitality group Merivale.

luminous dinner event at the ivy ballroom

Initially launched in the Netherlands, Lumiere breached the southern hemisphere for the first time at Sydney’s Ivy Ballroom, offering some lucky Australians a spectacular indulgence of the senses and ensuring it was a night to remember. Guests savoured the finest Dom Perignon Champagnes including the 2006 Vintage, the P2 1998 and a special 2004 Rose Vintage, all while enjoying delectable, stunning cuisine while their brains and smartphones were bombarded with dazzling projections, galvanizing music and the best in entertainment.

 luminous dinner event

Lumiere is the result of Dom Perignon’s triumphant, ongoing status as the indisputed king of champagnes. Much of that legendary achievement is indebted to Richard Geoffroy, a Champagne (as in the region) native who gave up a career in medicine in the early 1980s to take up the “”calling of the vine””. That calling first led him to a career in Napa Valley and then in 1990 to the role of Chef de Cave for Dom Perignon. To this day it’s Geoffroy and Geoffroy alone who decides whether each bottle of Dom Perignon earns the title of “”vintage””, and his innate expertise has done wonders in terms of keeping the brand on top its game. Should you be lucky enough to score a seat at the prestigious Lumiere event, be sure to raise a glass to Geoffroy and his dedicated passion–of course that’s assuming you can take your eyes off the non-stop array of mind-blowing visuals flanking you on all sides.

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luminous dinner event with drinking

men drink the wine dinner party

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