A Bike’s Bestie – Bike Suit Bag by Two Wheel Gear

Canadian company, Two Wheel Gear are dedicated to building a culture that advocates the benefits of the cycling commute. The Executive 2.0 Garment Pannier is designed for riders to cycle to work with wrinkle-free clothes. It features a padded laptop storage compartment, the ability to mount to any standard rear bike rack or act as carry-on luggage.

bestie bike suit blazer bag

The 210 HD nylon provides extreme water resistance, and comes with a waterproof, fluorescent rain cover that can be clipped to the side or completely removed. The company’s premium, dry waxed canvas showcases the bag’s ruggedness for the hikers, but also its element of sophistication to be suitable for the boardroom. This is made for the cycling enthusiasts and travellers that want an aesthetically-pleasing backpack with a series of useful functions. If you know someone that is one of the two, this is a good option.

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