Have a Blast with the Champagne Gun

Branding itself as the ultimate party weapon, the Champagne Gun is the adult super soaker you never knew you wanted until this very moment. That’s right, for $459 you can show up to the party with this beauty, load up a magnum and start blasting all your friends away. Here’s a pointer: aim for their mouths.

champagne gun weapon hold position

Naturally, the Champagne Gun is not the first product to combine playful weaponry with alcohol (we’re looking at you, tequila pistol that never really works), but it might be the most appropriate. There is no other liquor more associated with a geyser-style blast to your face than champagne after all. It’s as if the Champagne Gun took that traditional image of people shaking up bottles and spraying champagne and turned it into a full-time sport.

champagne gun firing position

This alcohol-blasting party cannon has a metal base with a plastic shell that comes in choice of gold, chrome and rose gold color. The gun is approximately 24 x 8 x 5 inches, weighs 5 pounds on its own and then 10 pounds when loaded so prepare for some sore arms if you’re gonna go full Terminator and carry this baby around all night. For the time being, there is only one model and it takes magnum-size bottles (1.5L) exclusively from all brands except those with “special bottles”. Included with the purchase is a service spout, diffuser and support base. Hasta la vista, baby!

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