Blood Type Racing Outfits 2020 Ford Explorer SUV

In advance of this year’s Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show, Ford is showing off one of the more than 50 customized rides that will be on display. The 2020 Ford Explorer Limited Hybrid customized by Illinois-based Blood Type Racing has the SUV ready for any terrain.

“There’s a growing hunger for consumers to personalize their SUVs, which have a huge range of possibilities from lowered street rides to off-road overlanding,” said Ford’s global director of vehicle personalization and accessories, Eric Cin. “As the latest versions of Escape and Explorer continue to provide buyers with even more options for what they want, the aftermarket is a great place to see just how much more there is out there.” Blood Type Racing provides a prime example of what can be done with the new Explorer.

Blood Type Racing started its work on the Explorer by adding in a half-inch lift kit and pairing that with a Ford Performance skid plate. The 20-inch wheels come in black chrome and are shod with all-terrain Toyo Tires Open Country tires. Black chrome also makes an appearance on the tips of the custom Borla cat-back exhaust. The front grille and the back bumper also benefit from black chrome as well. The result is a meaner look for the Explorer. Fortunately, the 3.3-liter hybrid V6 engine has the power to back up the look.

Perhaps as a hint of what the Explorer can do, the customized vehicle is pictured with a Yakima carrier mounted to the Ford Accessories roof rack. The rack is carrying two custom BTR Edition snowboards by Blank Snowboards. The rear seat was also swapped out for a Ford Accessories play rear seat entertainment system by Voxx.

Recognizing that people want to customize their vehicles is a wise move, but even smarter is providing a few points of inspiration—especially when that inspiration is so masterfully done by the likes of Blood Type Racing. Well done, Ford, well done.

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