BMW GS Adventure “001” by Whitcraft Services Approached Things Backward

Whitcraft Services approached their BMW GS Adventure “001” build with the motor in mind first, and then started bolting things to the heart of the motorcycle. The motor came courtesy of a BMW R1150 “oilhead” 2004 Twin Spark edition, and features two spark plugs per head, which solved the surging issues of earlier models. This motor uses an R1150RT-Police EVO transmission with a lower first and sixth gear, and improved shifting and durability.

bmw gs adventure 001 motorcycle front at night

To simplify maintenance and reliability, the fuel system was located externally with several modifications that improved performance and shaved off weight. The electrical system was completely redone, with 90 percent of the old wiring being removed and replaced. Enough weight was removed—160 pounds—that the suspension needed to be retuned, creating a weight balance between the front and rear that is exactly 50/50.

bmw gs adventure 001 motorcycle headlight

With so much being cut off of the bike, suspicions of whether it still qualifies as a BMW may arise. Whitcraft went to great lengths to maintain the BMW vibe, keeping the blue torque spec marking paint on all torqued hardware, proper fenders, bright lights, and a properly set up GS suspension. They even held onto the removable windscreen.

bmw gs adventure 001 motorcycle meter

bmw gs adventure 001 motorcycle fuel tank

bmw gs adventure 001 motorcycle engine

bmw gs adventure 001 motorcycle back wheel

bmw gs adventure 001 motorcycle back view

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