A Book Lovers Fortress of Solitude – The Hemmelig Room by Studio Padron

Built by Studio Padron, this exquisite black cabin serves as a cosy library and guesthouse. It’s located in upstate New York and is appropriately dubbed the ‘Hemmelig Rom’, which means secret room in Norwegian. The 200 square meter cabin is made from felled oak that was left over from construction of the main structure on the property. The oak was cut into rectangular logs and left to dry on-site for several years. The construction process included strategically placing small gaps to form natural shelving for all the books, and larger gaps were left for the windows. Inside there’s a bed, armchair, desk and wood burning stove. It’s the perfect place to make a dent in that escalating to-read pile.

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hemmelig room by studio padron bed

hemmelig room by studio padron rack