Box Brew Kits – Make Wine With Your Spare Time

With home brewing possibly the new era of masculine one-upmanship, thanks to the emergence of specialty stores, the availability of recipes on online forums and a swarm of savvy brewers always wanting to produce a better frothy, it was only a matter of time before somebody cottoned onto the fact that making excellent wine at home shouldn’t be too tall of an order either. The good people at Box Brew Kits have come up with a set-up that’ll make you five bottles of glorious vino in four weeks. You can source and use your own grapes if you like, buy grape juice or alternately, they’ve paired with World Vineyard who sell all the supplies you’ll need to use with this kit to get fermenting. This kit includes literally every tiny element you will need to start producing anything from Riesling to Shiraz, and just in case the concept wasn’t reason enough to race out and get one, the design is perfectly incorporated, so everything stores neatly inside the natty wooden box in which the whole apparatus is delivered. At around $320 AUD plus postage, when you think about the delicious consequences, it’s pretty much an investment.

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