The Braun Series 3 is New and Improved

Sometimes you just simply don’t have time to get in an intensely focused shave. Whether you’re in the car or bus to work, trying to run out of the house for dinner or a meeting or just don’t have the patience, there’s the need for another type of solution. The new and improved Braun Series 3 is the perfect solution if this sounds like the type of issue you face. New to the Australian market, the Series 3 allows men everywhere to master their daily routine with agility and speed not usually associated with a razor.

Braun Series 3 Black

The new Series 3 has been built with an intelligently-designed and innovative cutting system which significantly cuts down (no pun intended, we swear) on shave time, without compromising on the performance. The result is a great shave in a fraction of the time you’re used to, giving you a few extra minutes each day to make sure that your tie is the right length, your hair is coiffed in the right direction and you aren’t wearing two different shoes.

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