Bring On those Summer Vibes with Bell’s Poolside Ale

Craft brewer Bell has returned with a limited batch of one of their best received beers. The Poolside Ale is a Belgian-inspired wheat beer that features traces of cloves which add a light spice to the brew. What truly separates Poolside Ale from every other wheat beer is the addition of Montmorency cherries sourced from Traverse City, Michigan. This is the same ingredient used by Bell in their cherry stout. The cherries enhance the fruity flavours but are not sweet. Instead they add a subtle tartness, creating a bright contrast to the cherry-infused ciders on the market. The cherries also result in the beer pouring an attractive pinkish-orange haze.

bells poolside ale

Poolside Ale is available now in 12oz cans or on tap throughout Bell’s entire distribution range. If you’re struggling through the Australian winter and are tired of porters and stouts, the Poolside Ale might help bring on those summer vibes. If you’re currently enjoying the American summer, let’s hope you have a poolside to drink it by.

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