Bugaboo Boxer Modular Luggage

Wouldn’t be nice to be able to walk through an airport without having to struggle with multiple pieces of luggage? The savvy designers of perhaps the best baby strollers in the world have decided to try their hand at designing luggage, and they seem to have nailed it.

Bugaboo strollers have been around for a while. The company makes what some people refer to as the “Rolls Royce” of baby strollers. Now, the Dutch company has designed equally impressive luggage.

Bugaboo released the Bugaboo Boxer, a new concept in luggage design. The Bugaboo system works differently than other luggage sets. You purchase a Bugaboo Boxer Chassis. This is the backbone of the system. It secures all of your luggage. From there, you choose which pieces you want to add to the Chassis. You can choose from a larger travel case, several different size carry-on cases and a laptop bag.

bugaboo boxer modular luggage on the hand

Exclusive interlocking technology allows these suitcases to be locked to the Chassis. This technology makes it simple to manoeuvre your luggage around the train station or airport. You only need to lock them together and push. These suitcases glide smoothly, which helps to give your arm and backs a bit of a break. Even packed to the brim with clothes, they glide effortlessly over both tiled or even carpeted floors. You can take them apart easily if you need to reconfigure them.

bugaboo boxer modular luggage body structure

Other features include a luggage strap for securing your jacket or coat. There is also a handy organiser that keeps essentials close. It can be quickly clicked on and off saving you the hassle of digging through your suitcase for something important.

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bugaboo boxer modular luggage back view

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