Build Your Very Own Ford Mustang GT 350-H

Sariel has a new model on the market, the GT 350-H Ford Mustang.

The LEGO Technic creation is a small-scale replica of a classic 1965 muscle car, featuring complete remote control drive, hyper-realistic steering, manual transmission, V8 piston engine with a rotating fan, adjustable seats, operational steering wheel, compact body, working hood, doors, and trunk, and of course custom stickers. *pauses to breathe* YEAH, that’s a lot of stuff.

ford mustang gt 350-h structure design

Known for their extremely realistic replicas, Sariel continued to impress with this Mustang GT. As far as American muscle goes, there is no more popular model, so they knew they had to pull out all the stops, and they did just that. The beauty of such a complex machine being simplified to small building blocks, while still maintaining automotive integrity is pretty damn impressive to witness.

ford mustang gt 350-h side view

With such a comprehensive set of interworking parts, I am excited to see what comes next from this outfit. Head on over to the Sariel site to see a pretty cool “making of” video and progress shots of the Mustang GT 350-H Model.

Check it out

ford mustang gt 350-h front

ford mustang gt 350-h angled

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