Callaway’s Great Big Bertha Epic Driver Might Transform Your Golf Game

Callaway just introduced a game-changer in the world of golf: the Great Big Bertha Epic Driver. Although the name sounds a little corny, this driver has the performance and technology to make it a serious contender for top driver. In fact, Rory McIlroy started using the Great Big Bertha after his sponsor, Nike, stopped making golf equipment. The Telegraph reported that McMcIlroy started the season off right with a powerful 392-tee shot using his new Big Bertha Epic Driver.

callaway great big bertha golf game player

What makes the Great Big Bertha so powerful? Well, for starters, it utilizes new Jailbreak technology, which currently no other golf company is using aside from Calloway. Jailbreak helps deliver breakthroughs in ball speed gains. It accomplishes this by incorporating two metal bars right behind the face of the driver that connect the crown and sole together. This dramatically increases distance by stiffening the body. More energy is transferred to the ball and the face takes more of the load at impact. Ultimately, this results in a more powerful swing.

callaway epic phil mickelson

Another advantage of the Big Bertha is its forgiveness. Callaway combined a lightweight but very durable titanium Exo-Cage with triaxial carbon construction. The combination of this strong titanium body and lightweight crown makes the Big Bertha very forgiving.

Callaway is currently accepting pre-orders for the Great Big Bertha now. It will be available to purchase on January 27th.

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callaway epic titanium body

callaway epic lightweight

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