Camera Technology Full Circle With 360fly 4K

While some of us are still impressed to have ABC iView on our iPads (mum), tech-heads are a much more discerning bunch and are harder to please. But sometimes we get a welcome reminder of just how far commercially available technology has advanced. Not just by how impressive its capabilities are, but by the way it’s trickled its way down from the most expensive, advanced and secretive military development institutions and within a few short years is available to the general public for a few hundred dollars. Meet the 360fly 4K, the latest release from camera development outfit 360fly. The 360fly 4K is the camera to lead us into, well, at least 2017. It quadruples the resolution of its predecessor and is one of the smallest and easiest ways to capture 360 degree video on the market (if you’re confused about what a 360 degree video or photo is, think Google Streetview.)

360fly 4k multi lens setups camera

A single lens makes it far less complicated than other multi-lens set ups and it cleverly uses a tiny internal brain to digitally stitch the panorama together seamlessly, all controlled by an app. It’s 10m waterproof and is pretty damn small, making it an easy travel-buddy for some outdoor action, they’ve also developed a special streamlined motorsports helmet with racing gear company Bell, which eliminates the need for any cumbersome helmet mounting system. All up at $849, it’s definitely one of the cooler gadgets to come out of 2016.