Because He Can – Channing Tatum’s Born and Bred Vodka

Actor/producer/dancer/heartthrob Channing Tatum can now add purveyor of fine spirits onto his list of accomplishments. He recently teamed up with award winning Teton Distillery to create Born and Bred Vodka. The name of the vodka is a reference to Idaho, where the spirit is quite literally born and bred by way of the state’s world-famous potatoes and the glacial waters of the Grand Teton Mountains.

Born and Bred’s launch is accompanied by a video of Tatum and a group of friends taking to the mountains (presumably of Idaho) and just having a general great time dancing and riding dirt bikes and swinging from ropes into the nearest lake. And sure, the commercial looks like it could be the music video for a Mumford & Sons outtake and doesn’t really feature much drinking, but on the other hand those gratuitous shots of the open air, pristine water and beautiful people does make you feel like getting off the couch and just having some fun with your friends, and vodka can easily find its way into such a scenario.

channing tatum bred wood piece

As to whether this product was the result of true passion or mere opportunity, who knows? We will say that in his acting career Tatum does seem to straddle that fine line between commercialism and genuine devotion by frequently choosing interesting projects that speak to him on a personal level and involve a slew of talented people. If Born and Bred Vodka came out the same desires then it’s probably a damn good product regardless of its cash grab potential.

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