Can I Survive No Alcohol for a Whole Month? – Dry July 2016

For all of you who don’t know me, my name’s Scott. I’m one of the co-founders of Man of Many and while I might not like to admit it, alcohol is probably a big part of my life. It’s basically what most of my social outings are built around, whether it’s catching up with a friend at the pub, a picnic in the park by the beach, trivia with mates or sinking some beers as I watch the Wallabies lose to England for the third time.

people standing alcohol in the hand

There’s also been some pretty big changes in my life of late. I quit my job after working in finance for six years to focus on Man of Many and we’ve just moved into our very first office in Surry Hills. I used this as the trigger for me to try and get fit again (I used to be an okay runner in school!), but in all honestly that fitness craze lasted around three weeks as the cold winter mornings and hiding under the blankets quickly took the place of charging out of bed for a run. Pretty hopeless for someone who’s meant to be giving others advice on how to stay fit and what not.

So while some things are going great with work (we’re about to hit 50k instagram followers!) and I’m loving the new job, my health has probably taken a little bit of a backwards step in the past two weeks…And that is why I was kind of excited to get an email this morning from Dry July. What better way to hold myself accountable than to announce to you guys on the blog that I’ll be taking up the Dry July Challenge! I can try to get a bit healthier while doing the world some good.

If you’re not already aware, Dry July is a fundraiser which challenges Aussies to go booze-free for the month of July to raise funds for people affected by cancer. It’s also a great opportunity for Aussies (and myself) to take a look at your drinking habits and make some healthy changes.  Apparently over a third of us want to reduce our drinking and three in five want to tell someone they love to drink a little less. So if you’re curious about taking up the challenge with me, check the video above and sign up at the link below.

Sign Up Here

Over the coming months I’ll try give you a few updates on how I’m going. Who knows, I could get my non-existent six pack abs back again! If you’d like to support me, I’ve set a goal to raise $1,000 and any donations are greatly appreciated (please no golden-tickets)!


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