The Cardbox is a Cheat Code for Well-Wishes

We spend a seemingly endless amount of time trying to exploit objects around us to come up with efficiencies, more normally known as “life hacks.” This practice is so deep there are even entire websites, reddit pages and more dedicated to it. However, there are very few such shortcuts for social occasions. Evermade has recently released ‘Cardbox,’ the ultimate social life-hack for when you need to come prepared with some life for a gathering.

cardbox currently available in four editions

The Cardbox is currently available in four editions. Each volume contains a unique assortment of eight mixed greetings cards which will fit almost any scenario. Ranging from ‘Happy Birthday,’ to ‘Get Well Soon,’ to ‘Just Married,’ there’s a card for you in there, unless you attend some truly different social events that we’re not aware of. The recipients are sure to appreciate each colour-popping compact box which is printed on a premium, textured, FSC-certified card.

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