Celebrate History with the Roger Federer 20th Grand Slam Platinum Edition Racket Package

The greatest male tennis player in the history of the sport has just won his 20th Grand Slam by achieving ultimate glory at the Australian Open. Wilson has planned something special to commemorate Roger Federer’s accomplishments.

platinum edition pro staff rf97

The Platium Edition Racket Package includes; Platinum Edition Pro Staff RF97 Autographed Racket, is only one of twenty ever produced and are numbers 1-20 to denote this scarcity, a Wilson tennis ball used in the Australian Open signed by Fed, a specially packaged display box, multiple mini-posters, a USB stick with photos or Roger and your racket, and of course certificates of authenticity.

federer great sport of tennis bat

If you’re a fan of Federer or just the great sport of tennis itself, you’re not going to find a more complete or impressive collection out there. This is your chance to own a piece of history. While Federer has shown no signs of slowing down, this may be his last or one of his last Grand Slams to ever win. As a result, commemorating such a cool even is even more special.

federer racket bat side

federer racket bat string

federer racket bat open throat

federer racket bat grip

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