When a Chair is More Than a Chair – The Aeron Remastered

1994. A chair debuted that was unlike any the world had ever seen. The Aeron didn’t just change how people sat, but it changed what they thought a chair could be. The chair’s creators combined a deep knowledge of human-centric design with innovative technology to deliver a one-of-a-kind product. But that was decades ago. Fast-forward to 2016 and the Aeron has been remastered ergonomically, functionally and environmentally—for today’s work and today’s workers.

aeron remastered chair use 8z pellicle technology

The remastered Aeron is good for your body. Across the seat and back, eight latitudinal zones of varying tension deliver increased comfort and ergonomic support where you need it most. The 8Z Pellicle technology allows air, body heat, and water vapour to pass through the seat and backrest to help maintain comfortable skin temperature. An updated tilt mechanism delivers a smoother trajectory and optimises balance to keep people in control of their movement. Adjustable, individual pads stabilise the sacrum and support the lumbar region of the spine to mimic a healthful standing position at all times. The cross-performance design means the chair fully accommodates the widest possible range of activities and postures people adopt while working.

aeron remastered chair available three sizes

With chairs, one size does not fit all. Aeron comes in three sizes to delivers the same comfort to the largest range of anthropometric body types. Conceptualising visual comfort and aesthetic detail, Aeron was designed to harmonise with the environment in which it was placed. Aeron’s colours, materials, and finishes have been completely reconsidered to enhance modern environments. For the first time, Aeron is offered in three holistically curated material palettes: Mineral, Carbon, and Graphite.

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aeron remastered chair side view