Change the Game with Chapter One

You have an idea. It’s something that could change your life. Something that could make your wildest dreams come true. It doesn’t matter if it’s a business venture, the perfect speech opener, or even the backbone of a plot for that novel you’ve always wanted to write. The first step is to write it down somewhere that won’t end up in the rubbish or going through the wash. We can’t think of anywhere more fitting for your ideas than the Chapter One journal, and best of all by purchasing one you can help end global poverty.

chapter one books on display

Chapter One is a journal and a story of epic proportions. It’s a social enterprise that provides you with an exquisite notebook and then donates 100% of the profits to those in need through the “Thankyou” program.

Thankyou started way back in 2008 by three Aussie kids from Melbourne with zero business experience, who all shared the belief that they had the power to change the world. Their journey is a bumpy and entertaining ride, full of wild mistakes, daring moves and gut-wrenching decisions. Chapter One is Thankyou’s invitation to follow in their footsteps, to see your crazy ideas become a reality. All it takes is a donation.

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writing on chapter one book

proverbs print on chapter one books inside page