Charlie Screen Are Aussie Skincare Basics, Done Right.

You don’t need (or want) to use half a dozen different products to have great skin. Two will do the trick. Charlie Screen makes skincare what it should be – easy. The Australian skincare range delivers the two exceptional products that every man needs: A combined shampoo & body wash for getting clean and a moisturiser with sunscreen to hydrate and protect between washes. It’s simple and effective.

charlie two in one shampoo body wash

Charlie’s 2 in 1 Shampoo & Body Wash takes care of business and leaves you smelling good. Many of us use body wash as shampoo or vice versa, so Charlie cut out the middle man and just combined them both into one. Charlie’s Daily Lotion softens & protects your skin in one simple step. Forget complicated skincare routines. Just a quick application prevents facial oiliness and protects you from the sun.

types of body wash fresh smelling

Charlie Screen is good to use with sensitive skin types. Both products are mostly natural, except a few man-made ingredients mixed in to help prevent the nasties like bacteria, oiliness and sunburn. Check in with the Charlie Screen website for a full rundown of the ingredients.

Both products are available now with monthly or bimonthly subscription options to save you having to re-stock each time you run out. You can also buy a single application to test out the range.

charlie screen products with bag

charlie screen face lotion

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