ChipmunkBags – Because Doing Laundry is Already Annoying Enough

Like all good entrepreneurs, San Francisco’s Cooper Golding saw a problem and created a solution. The problem? Laundry. Not the actual washing and drying of clothes–which for the time being will remain the Achilles heel of chores for men–but the use of crude bags to bring those dirty clothes from your apartment to the Laundromat. The solution? ChipmunkBags: a premium laundry bag that uses high-grade materials and superior design to provide for the seamless transport of clothes from your apartment to the nearest Laundromat.

chipmunkbags a laundry bag that uses high grade materials

Golding’s definitely on to something. The common laundry bag is typically a bulgy, rudimentary drawstring sack that’s comically hard to manage and not efficient in the slightest. ChipmunkBags do away with virtually all the inconveniences presented by the everyday laundry sack so that the only inconvenience left is actually doing the laundry. Made from durable denier nylon, ChipmunkBags feature two padded and adjustable backpack straps, internal dividers to separate lights and darks, and a pocket for things like loose change or mobile devices or dryer sheets. The bags look great too, utilizing earthy colours to retain a stylish, naturalistic edge that make them an ideal camping accessory in addition to their function as an urban clutch.

chipmunkbags a laundry bag superior design

ChipmunkBags has already exceeded its goal on Kickstarter so check them out because they are officially a go. For those who keep tight reign over their laundry and don’t let it pile up until there’s one pair of socks left in the drawer, consider the Mini ChipmunkBag, a more compact version that has all the same benefits at a reduced size and cost. One day at a time, people like Cooper Golding are making laundry a little less annoying for us all.

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chipmunkbags feature two padded and adjustable backpack straps

chipmunkbags a laundry bag is typically a bulgy