The Churchill From Whittle & Wallis is the Ultimate Drinking Companion

The “Churchill” from Whittle & Wallis is the ultimate liquor chest. This stunning creation is handcrafted from the finest English oak and padded and lined throughout with hand-stitched leather. The brilliantly versatile chest is designed so that every inch of available space serves a purpose. Under the lid a drinks companion set with rosewood corkscrew, anti-drip pourer, vacuum pump stopper and hand-made hip flask provide you with all the accessories you need for friends to identify you as a classy drinker. To the right, the Attache Case Compartment features two document holders with large and medium front pouches, a business card section and pen holders. You can finally mix business with pleasure. Whether you should is open for discussion.

churchill wallis ultimate drinks in glass

Inside the chest, a removable, leather-lined sliding tray provides you with the perfect surface to pour drinks. There are also separate suede lined sections for storing an iPad, keys, sunglasses and a secret pocket for jewellery. Another hidden compartment allows you hide a spirit bottle which is incredibly handy because let’s face it, a whisky bottle would be the most important item in the chest. The exterior conceals a swing out cabinet with two cut crystal tumblers and walnut coasters. A wine compartment also has enough space for three bottles. The Churchill is a limited edition chest so get in touch with Whittle and Wallis ASAP, and they will have you drinking like Churchill in no time.

whisky bottle side view

churchill whittle wallis ultimate drinks box

churchill whittle wallis side bag

churchill whittle wallis inside view

churchill whittle wallis full view

whittle and wallis wood box

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